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California Cannabis Consumers Bring False Advertising Lawsuit Against Pre-Roll Company

In late October, two cannabis consumers filed suit against DreamFields Brands, Inc. claiming that the company falsely advertises the potency of its pre-rolled joints. Essentially, the consumers are claiming that the joints are not as strong as advertised. DreamFields Brands, Inc. is known for their Jeeter line of pre-rolled joints. The Jeeter line is the product that the consumers claim are falsely advertised as being stronger than they really are.

High THC content has always been a big pull for consumers. Many are willing to pay more for a product they believe will have an increased effect. The lawsuit is alleging that DreamFields Brands, Inc. used inflated THC levels to entice consumers into buying their products over similar products from other brands.

A lawsuit like this is one example of how California’s lawful cannabis market is evolving  over time. A lawsuit like this may not have seen the light of day five or six years ago and now a big player in the cannabis industry has to answer to consumers and the courts about their business practices.

We are seeing an increase in the amount of lawsuits that cannabis companies may bring or face. Cases like employment disputes, claims against contractors, and breach of contract claims are more common nowadays because cannabis companies are being seen as legitimate businesses with rules and regulations to follow.

If you find yourself in a dispute related to your cannabis business, our team of attorneys is here to counsel you on whether or not you may have a legitimate claim for or against your business. We are always on standby for you and are happy to discuss your options.

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