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We understand the unique land use and zoning challenges that cannabis businesses face. Our team can help you navigate these issues to ensure you’re in compliance with local regulations.

Are you navigating the ever evolving and complex legal landscape of the cannabis industry in California? Whether you’re a cultivator, distributor, retailer, or any other cannabis business professional, you need a trusted legal partner to guide you through the intricacies of this booming industry. Welcome to Scot Candell and Associates, your dedicated ally in all matters related to cannabis law in California.

At the Law Offices of Scot Candell, we pride ourselves on our profound understanding of the cannabis industry in California. We have been helping our clients navigate the ever changing regulations in the cannabis industry since the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996. Our team keeps up to date with the latest laws, regulations, and trends affecting the cannabis business, ensuring that you receive the most current and relevant legal advice.


Our team has a deep understanding of California’s cannabis licensing process, including local, state, and federal regulations. We can assist you in obtaining and maintaining the necessary permits and licenses for your cannabis business.


Staying compliant with the ever-changing cannabis regulations in California is critical. We offer comprehensive compliance services to help you navigate the intricate web of rules governing the industry.

Business Formation and Contracts:

Whether you’re starting a new cannabis venture or need assistance with contracts, leases, or partnerships, we provide expert guidance to protect your interests.


When disputes arise, we are prepared to represent your interests in court, whether it’s a contract dispute, regulatory issue, or any other legal matter.

Land Use and Zoning:

We understand the unique land use and zoning challenges that cannabis businesses face. Our team can help you navigate these issues to ensure you’re in compliance with local regulations.

At the Law Offices of Scot Candell, we are committed to helping you succeed in California’s dynamic cannabis industry. We provide the legal guidance and advocacy you need to thrive in this exciting but highly regulated field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the adult use of cannabis is legal in California, following the passage of Proposition 64 in November 2016, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana for individuals aged 21 and older.

California offers several types of licenses for cannabis businesses, including licenses for cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, delivery, and testing. Each type of license has its own set of requirements and regulations that must be followed.

Cannabis businesses in California are subject to various state and local taxes, including cultivation taxes, excise taxes, and sales taxes. Understanding and complying with the applicable tax regulations is crucial to avoid potential legal and financial consequences.

While the recreational use of cannabis is legal in California, there are restrictions on public consumption and driving under the influence of cannabis. It is important for individuals to be aware of these restrictions to avoid potential legal repercussions.

California employers and employees are subject to specific regulations regarding cannabis in the workplace, including policies related to drug testing, employee consumption, and workplace safety. Understanding these regulations is essential for maintaining a safe and legally compliant work environment.

Cannabis is illegal federally, and participating in the cannabis industry when you are not a US citizen can have severe immigration consequences that may affect your ability to become a citizen or to stay in the country. If you are not a citizen, please call our office for a free consultation before getting involved with a cannabis business.

Opening a cannabis business in California requires compliance with various state and local regulations, including obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, adhering to zoning restrictions, and following specific operational and security requirements outlined by state and local authorities.

The sale and distribution of cannabis in California are regulated by the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) and local authorities. Businesses must comply with packaging and labeling requirements, testing standards, and advertising restrictions to ensure legal and safe distribution of cannabis products.

280E is a Federal tax code section that prohibits cannabis businesses from deducting normal business expenses when filing their federal taxes. Cannabis business can deduct their cost of goods.

Operating a compliant and secure cannabis business in California involves implementing strict security measures, such as surveillance systems, inventory tracking, and access controls, to prevent unauthorized access and ensure compliance with state and local regulations.

California cannabis businesses may face various legal challenges, including regulatory compliance issues, licensing disputes, intellectual property concerns, and potential federal law conflicts. It is crucial for businesses to work with experienced legal professionals to navigate these challenges effectively.

Staying informed about the latest developments in California cannabis law involves regularly monitoring updates from state regulatory agencies, participating in industry events and seminars, and consulting with experienced cannabis law attorneys. Please see our blogs and legal updates for more information, or call our office for a free consultation.