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Welcome to Scot Candell
& Associates

Cannabis Business Attorneys

Cannabis is a rapidly evolving and growing field. We have a long history of navigating California’s cannabis industry. From collectives to corporations, our firm is equipped to handle all things cannabis. Let us help you with your legal cannabis needs.

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Criminal Law

Whether you need your record expunged or you’ve just been arrested, our qualified team has over a decade of experience handling criminal cannabis cases.

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Business Law

Running a business can be complicated. We can assist you in a large range of commercial matters. From incorporating a business to distributing shares, negotiating contracts and lease agreements, and anything else in between.

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Cannabis Law

Cannabis law is our bread and butter. We assist with all personal or commercial legal cannabis needs. Whether you want want to apply for a cannabis license with the Department of Cannabis Control or are seeking new opportunities to buy or sell a cannabis business, we have you covered.


Cannabis Compliance

Are you a current licensee or licensee hopeful? Our firm can help make sure your operation and your premises abide by the necessary local and state regulations and help get you compliant with California laws.

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Civil Litigation

Scot Candell & Associates provides a full suite of civil litigation services. From friendly negotiations to sophisticated courtroom advocacy, we work hard for all of our clients.