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Black Market Woes: Legal Cannabis Struggles While the Black Market Thrives

It is no secret that the legal cannabis market has had its ups and downs this year. As prices of flower continue to fluctuate and supply increases, many cannabis companies are facing hardships. Unfortunately, many of these companies may go under in the next few years. That is a reality of opening a business, and for cannabis businesses that reality is worsened by the fact that California’s black market continues to be a detrimental force to the legal cannabis market.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, more than 300 illegal dispensaries have been shut down in Los Angeles alone this year. Imagine how many more of these illegal dispensaries are being operated in other areas of the state – including Northern California – and how many illegal cultivation operations continue to thrive in the black market.

There is no other way to say it – black market cannabis is hurting the legal market. Many of you have put in your hard work and money to open a cannabis business and may be facing hardships as a result of the black market. For those of you facing hardships, our attorneys have experience and a working knowledge of the solutions that may be available to you – legal solutions that could help turn your business around. We have even found success in assisting our clients find buyers and investors for their businesses. If you are interested in more information, our attorneys are always on standby for you and are happy to discuss your business needs with you.

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