How quickly things can change

Two days ago I posted how dark it was looking for medical marijuana in California. Today, the tide may have started shifting. The California Supreme Court decided to review decisions by lower courts that made it difficult for medical marijuana collectives to operate. By granting review, the Supreme Court temporarily nullified the decisions, causing then to have no effect until he issue is decided by the Supreme Court. The result - cities and counties my begin allowing collectives to open again. Now if we could just do something about federal interference with states rights.

January 2012 update

It's been a tough few months for medical marijuana patients in California. Cities and counties seem to be using recent court rulings as excuses to ban medical marijuana collectives in their communities. In addition, the US Attorney's office has been meddling more in local affairs by threatening to take the property of any landlord that rents space to a medical marijuana collective. As a result, access to safe medicine has been shrinking every day with no sign of letting up.

Success in Butte County

Butte tried closing down the last operating collective in the county by citing its employees for violating its zoning laws by allowing or causing a collective to operate. We took the case to trial and lost, but appealed the case and won. The cases against all defendants were dismissed, and the court held on appeal that individuals working for the collective (corporation) were not individually liable for its actions. Congratulations to North Valley Holistic Health, its staff, and its patients.

California Medical Marijuana Law Updates

In the Courts:

This has not been a good month for medical marijuana advocates. One appellate court ruled that cities and counties in California have the right to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. This ruling is a published opinion (binding) but will be appealed [Riverside case]. In another case, the Court ruled that Cities and Counties that give permits to medical marijuana collectives are violating state law [Long Beach case].

In the Cities and Counties:


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