Are You Ready To Get Your State License?

Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) Temporary Licenses

Under the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”), the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (the “Bureau”) is to issue regulation regarding state licensing and operations of commercial cannabis activities in California. Pursuant to MAUCRSA the Bureau has recently issued the requirements to obtaining a temporary license. These temporary licenses will be valid for 120 days, or about 4 months, so the applicant can complete the application for the official state license.

The requirements for obtaining a temporary license to engage in commercial cannabis activity are as follows:

  1. Local jurisdiction authorization. Applicants must provide a copy of a valid license, permit, or other authorization to operate issued by the applicable local jurisdiction that allows the applicant to conduct commercial cannabis activity at their proposed location.
  2. Name. Applicants must indicate the name of the individual(s) or business entity applying.
  3. License type requested. Applicants must specify which of the license types (Distributor, Retailer, Manufacturer, Etc.) they are applying for.
  4. License designation. Applicants must indicate whether they are applying for an adult use (A-license) or medicinal (M-license) license.
  5. Contact information. Applicants must provide a designated primary contact including first and last name, title, address, phone number(s) and email address(es).
  6. Owners. Applicants must provide the name, mailing address, and email address of each “owner” that meets the criteria of Business and Professions Code Section 26001 (i.e., you own 20% or more of the company, you’re the CEO, you’re a director on the board of a non-profit, or you exercise any direction, control, or management of the company).
  7. Physical address. Applicants must provide the physical address of the location at which they intend to operate.
  8. Authorization to use location. Applicants must provide a copy of the title or deed to the land where the proposed premises is located, or a document from the landowner, such as a lease agreement, stating that the applicant has the right to occupy the property and may use the property for commercial cannabis activity.
  9. Premises diagram. Applicants must provide a diagram of the business’s layout at the proposed location.

The Bureau has indicated that it will begin accepting applications before January 1, 2018; however, none will be issued and none will be valid before that date.  Again, it is imperative that you secure your local use permit and any additional licensing required as soon as possible.  Once those permits and/or licenses are secure you will be able to apply for a temporary state license.